About Us

The “bee fever” started with Brad, the founder of Kloten Apiaries and who we affectionately call The Dude. Nearly four decades ago he simply needed work for the summer so he took a job with a local beekeeper. Months passed and he acquired numerous stings, a collection of veils, a smoker, hive tools, and a livelong obsession with bees. His symbiotic partnership with bees and time spent tending to them eventually convinced him that is was time to buy his own beehives. He borrowed a small four frame extractor from a friend and placed it in the truck bed of his 64 Apache Chevrolet pickup. That was how the first honey harvest was brought in. A small family business was born.


It has been a long and winding road since then but our family still carries a torch for beekeeping. It is now good timing for The Dude to pass on his ‘bee smoker’ to the second generation. The tradition of beekeeping along the broad views of the Sheyenne River Valley, in eastern North Dakota, continues today as our son, Nick, has taken on this honorable profession and is now the steward of our bees. At Kloten Apiaries, we strive to produce the highest quality products from our beehives. It seems our efforts have been rewarded as we were recognized with a 2015 Good Food Award, in San Francisco, for producing one of the best tasting honey products in the U.S.

Today, the bee fever still burns in our family as does our commitment to the sustainability of our environment that we are so fortunate to wake up to each and everyday.

Please, support your local bees! Inform yourself, get involved or support movements that advocate for bee health and their foraging environment. Their survival will eventually affect everyone, they are the new canary in the coal mine! It is not just about the honey, it is about a species under siege that is a benefit to all of us and a way of life that we hope will survive for the next generation to experience.